Antonangeli is the protagonist in the decorative lighting of a 'Fit Out' intervention in Milan, Isola area.
8,000 sq. m. dedicated to the advanced tertiary sector, have been re designed with innovative design criteria of dividing operational spaces and common areas, giving 'light' an essential role for daily well-being. 
With elegance and rationality VIOLINO illuminates the reception areas, thanks to its thin, variable light cones.
The lightness of LIBERA is the 'welcoming bright comfort, alongside sofas and armchairs.

Nothing is left to chance in the attention to detail, in the materials choice and furniture's colors, indoors as well as outdoors.
The building's 'roof garden' hosts SOFFIO, which illuminates with discretion and vitality an open space
designed with simplicity and rigor to host co-working and events.
Project by ESSEEBI Studio srl, Milano