Palas Campus, Romania

The Palas Campus, located in Iasiin Romania, is apolifunctional buildingthat was created within an urban fabric that is purely residential. From the beginning there was an intention to continue the architectural idea, distinguish the building from its context. This was made possible by the use of punctual lights that,creating an effect of empty and full, give greater importance and relevance to the large windows that run along the entire facade of the building complex. The type of lighting used, as opposed to uniform lighting, accompanies the visitor into the space that is completely distinguished from its surroundings.

The space surrounding the building and the main square become lived space. The architecture becomes inhabited space thanks to the inclusion of light fixtures that make the placefamiliar. By inhabiting the environment we get used to what the volume is, we pay attention to its specificity. The concept of inhabiting a space is not limited only to the object-home and is not exhausted in the analysis of everyday life that passes through it, but is a process that has to do with people's past, present and future experience. Living, then, meets thebuilt, that is, what is architecture and what is lighting.

ILLUM customization by Archetto Space, Antonangeli (ADI Design Index 2019)